North Carolina is one of several major programs will will participate in Phil Knight’s “PK85” tournament next season.

The Tar Heels will be joined by 15 other tams in Portland, Oregon for the tournament. The tournament consists of two separate eight-team brackets, which means every team is guaranteed to play three games.

The other teams in North Carolina’s “Invitational” bracket  include Alabama, Iowa State, Michigan State, Oregon, Portland, UConn and Villanova.

The eight teams in the “Legacy” bracket are Duke, Florida, Gonzaga, Oregon State, Portland State, Purdue, West Virginia and Xavier.

The event will celebrate the Nike founder’s 85th birthday. It’s scheduled for November of 2022. Similar events took place in 2017 and 2019.

North Carolina’s women’s basketball program will also participate in the event. This is the first time women’s basketball programs have been included in this event. The Tar Heels will play two games vs. Iowa State, Michigan State or Oregon.

UNC’s men’s team also played in the PK80 in 2017. It defeated Portland and Arkansas before ultimately falling to Michigan State in the championship game.

The 2022 event is scheduled for Nov. 24-27, 2022.