North Carolina guard Caleb Love is still weighing his options with regards to where he will play basketball next season.

The former 5-star prospect could return to UNC in search of another shot at the National Championship. Love could also opt to ride the wave of momentum from his tremendous NCAA Tournament performance and begin his professional career.

According to an interview he gave with 247Sports on Wednesday night, a decision likely won’t come until later this month. Love told Inside Carolina’s Ross Martin that he’ll make an announce in,”the next week and a half, two weeks.”

In the interim, Love said he’s receiving feedback from NBA scouts.

“If it’s not meant for me to go this year, then I’m going to come back,” Love told Martin. “I’m taking it day by day, getting all the feedback that I can, and then I’ll make a decision.”

His standout performances vs. UCLA and Duke in the NCAA Tournament significantly increased his NBA draft stock. However, Love was still inefficient for much of the year, finishing his sophomore season with a 51.2% true shooting percentage.

Love’s teammate, Armando Bacot, announced on Wednesday that he’s returning to Chapel Hill for another season. Fellow starters R.J. Davis and Leaky Black are also eligible to return.