North Carolina coach Hubert Davis addressed reporters on Thursday afternoon in New Orleans, just a couple days before UNC will face Duke in the Final Four.

Despite having those stakes as the backdrop for this game, Davis insisted that UNC has been consistent in its approach for the Blue Devils this week.

“Well, in terms of preparation, it’s the same way that we have prepared all year,” Davis said. “There’s no difference. The way that we’re preparing for Saturday is the way that we prepared for Brown earlier in the year and against Georgia Tech in our first ACC regular season game.”

Of course, this game has far greater meaning than early-season matchups with Brown or Georgia Tech. This isn’t even a normal Final Four game.

It’s the first NCAA Tournament meeting between North Carolina and Duke in the history of their rivalry. It’s also potentially the final game for legendary Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Still, Davis said he’s trying to keep the focus off of those factors.

“One of the things that I preach to the team all the time is to focus on what is real and what allows us to be the best that we can be,” Davis continued. “And what is real and what allows us to be the best that we can be is focusing on our preparation for Saturday, our practice and our play.

“And those are the only things we’re talking about. Those are the only things that we’re looking at. And that’s going to put us in a position to play our best on Saturday night.”

North Carolina and Duke will tipoff shortly after Villanova-Kansas on Saturday night.