Notre Dame continues to be the primary focus in the latest round of college football realignment.

On Wednesday morning, ACC commissioner Jim Phillips addressed a myriad of topics around realignment, potential expansion and the future of the ACC.

One interesting comment was about the Fighting Irish’s future and whether or not they will end up joining a conference. Phillips said he believes if Notre Dame does ultimately join a conference, it will be the ACC.

“If there comes a time that Notre Dame would consider moving to a conference and away from independence, I feel really good about it being he ACC,” Phillips said.

Notre Dame is apart of the ACC’s grant of rights in non-football sports, which runs through 2036. Its contract with the ACC reportedly states that it can’t join a conference other than the ACC through the duration of that deal.

Still, there’s been widespread speculation that Notre Dame could consider joining the Big Ten. Annual revenue distributions are expected to be significantly higher and the Big Ten — which is adding USC and UCLA in 2024 — would give Notre Dame the chance to play a national schedule that includes many of its rivals.

A final decision from Notre Dame isn’t expected to be imminent, but the Irish could make a decision sooner rather than later. Notre Dame is reportedly in talks with NBC over an extension to its TV contract, which expires in 2025. Notre Dame is seeking $75 million annually from that deal in order to remain independent.

Earlier this month, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said there was no “urgency” to reconsider its independent status.

Factors such as College Football Playoff access and annual media rights distributions are expected to weigh heavily on Notre Dame’s decision.