Greg McElroy spoke about Ohio State’s comeback win over Notre Dame on an episode of Always College Football on Monday.

The Buckeyes used a last-second touchdown to earn the 17-14 win in South Bend. But a couple plays before finding the end zone, Ohio State converted a 3rd and 19 to get near the goal line.

McElroy was highly-critical of Notre Dame’s defensive plan on that play. The Fighting Irish’s secondary appeared to be too deep on the play, which allowed the Buckeyes to pick up the first down.

“I’m not sure what they were doing on the 3rd and long conversion,” McElroy said. “Because it was a great throw, it was a great catch. But why are you dropping into the end zone? What are we doing? Understand how far Ohio State has to go. I know the yellow line is not on the field. That’s imaginary. That’s for us at home. Why are you dropping into the end zone? I jus will never understand that.

“Understand the down and distance. Understand where they have to get. If your deepest defender is deeper than that line-to-gain, I think you have butchered it in the secondary.”

Here’s video of McElroy’s comments:

Ohio State also converted a 4th and 7 with under a minute to go on its final drive.

Here’s video of Ohio State’s 3rd and 19 conversion:

Notre Dame will be in action again this weekend against Duke.