Marcus Freeman and Notre Dame found themselves in an embarrassing situation during Saturday’s loss to Ohio State. During the last 2 plays of the game, the Fighting Irish had 10 players on the field, including when DeaMonte Trayanum ran in the winning score with virtually no time left as Notre Dame fell 17-14.

It’s a situation Freeman, and the Irish, certainly don’t want to find themselves in again.

“You pick your head up. Don’t be embarrassed. Own the mistakes we made. Attack them, and get back to work,” he told On3’s Andy Staples on Monday when asked about the team’s approach moving forward, including at No. 17 Duke.

But what if Notre Dame does find itself with too few men on the field?

“We have to have a signal to tell somebody to jump offsides and touch an offensive guy if that ever happens. You have to have a signal. So we learned,” Freeman said. “[If we see it] get the penalty. Give them the half-yard or six inches or whatever. And freaking get somebody on the field.”