Notre Dame’s 87-80 loss to Virginia Tech on Thursday night has the potential to significantly complicate its case for an NCAA Tournament berth.

The Fighting Irish entered this game ranked No. 50 in the NET and have just two Quad 2 victories on the season. An early-season win over Kentucky is keeping the Irish in the race at this stage.

Despite finishing No. 2 in the ACC this season, Notre Dame’s overall résumé looks relatively weak when compared to other bubble teams. Notre Dame’s four wins over Quad 1 and Quad 2 opposition is fewer than bubble teams like Oklahoma (8), Davidson (5), Wyoming (10), SMU (6) or even Virginia Tech (6), to name a few.

Notre Dame has now lost two games to the Hokies this season, which could turn into a significant data point for the selection committee. The Hokies are also likely to be ranked at least 15 spots higher than Notre Dame in the NET by Selection Sunday.

Notre Dame is looking for its first NCAA Tournament appearance since 2016-17. It hasn’t made it out of the first weekend of the Big Dance since going to the Elite Eight in 2015-16.

Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Duke and Miami have made it to the semifinals of the ACC Tournament.

The bracket will be revealed on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. ET.