Sam Hartman had a unique experience with a fan in the latter stages of Notre Dame’s blowout win over Wake Forest on Saturday night.

Hartman exited the game in the fourth quarter after throwing 4 touchdown passes against the Demon Deacons. After the game, he told reporters he was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on the sidelines when a marshmallow landed in his cup.

Confused about where it came from, Hartman said a girl from Notre Dame’s student section — some 30 yards away, per Hartman — was responsible for the pinpoint toss.

Here’s the story from Hartman:

“I’m walking, and I’m not mad about this, this was incredible,” Hartman said. “I got a hot chocolate on the sideline … and some girl, and if I saw her right now I’d know who she is but I don’t know her name, threw a marshmallow from the student section, and not the close student section. I mean, it was like a 30-yard shot. Landed in my hot chocolate.

“And I’m like, ‘one of my teammates just did it and I’m kinda like ‘oh, really funny guys.’ And then I look up and this girl is going nuts … And then, obviously, ceremoniously I chugged it.”

Hartman’s 4 touchdowns gave him 132 in his collegiate career. He’s now alone in fourth place all-time in college football history on that leaderboard. He trails only Case Keenum, Kellen Moore and Graham Harrell.

Hartman and Notre Dame will play their regular season finale next weekend at Stanford.