The Big Ten is close to finalizing a new media rights package with multiple broadcast partners, according to reports.

The final details are still being worked out, but it’s very possible this deal could end up impacting Notre Dame’s ongoing negotiations with NBC — or the Irish’s appetite to join a conference.

As news of the Big Ten’s pending deal with Fox, CBS and NBC broke on Monday night, there was a wide range of reaction for what it could mean for Notre Dame.

On one side: the Big Ten can now offer Notre Dame an unprecedented annual media rights payout that would keep the school on pace with — or significantly ahead of — college football’s other top programs financially.

But on the other hand: if the Big Ten can get a reported $350 million from CBS for its 3:30 p.m. ET time slot, then what could the Irish get from NBC for its package of home games? Notre Dame is reportedly seeking $75 million annually in negotiations with NBC that would allow the program to remain independent.

Additionally, what does it mean that NBC is reportedly joining the deal to broadcast Big Ten games in the primetime window? That’s historically been Notre Dame’s time slot. It also could represent the “shoulder programming” that NBC was reportedly seeking to supplement its next contract with the Fighting Irish.

Notre Dame’s current contract with NBC expires in 2025.

Here’s some of the reaction to Notre Dame’s options in the wake of this news: