Notre Dame offensive coordinator Tommy Rees with with reporters on Wednesday morning and addressed his viral yelling video from over the weekend.

Rees, who was having a conversation with Drew Pyne via sideline phone, appeared to yell “do your f —— ing job” at his starting quarterback.

On Wednesday, Rees made an effort to explain the incident and said he regretted the “language” he used.

“Certain guys need certain types of coaching in certain moments,” Rees said. “I’m not proud of the language I used, but I know with Drew, he seeks out and can handle tough coaching and the things that light a fire and create a sense of urgency.

“In that moment we felt it was the right thing for the right player. He responded the way we counted on and we’re proud of him for that. Not proud of my language, but proud of Drew and I have a relationship where … there is trust between us.”

Pyne gave a similar explanation after the game on Saturday, telling reporters that he asked Rees to coach him hard this week.

As for the results on the field, Pyne was significantly more efficient after this conversation with Rees. He completed 14 of 15 passes for 117 yards and a touchdown after the incident. Prior to speaking with Rees, Pyne completed 3 of 8 passes and was averaging just 3.2 yards per attempt.

Notre Dame will hope that Pyne’s improvement carries over to its matchup with North Carolina on Saturday.