Nelly Cummings and Pitt have now won 2 games in the NCAA Tournament, brushing past Mississippi State in the First Four before demolishing 6-seed Iowa State Friday evening. With the win Friday they move on to face a Xaiver team that escaped Kennesaw State by the skin of their teeth.

And they’re far from done. At least, that’s what they say. Cummings, who dropped a team-high 13 points Friday, told reporters following the game that the Panthers, who were picked 14th in the ACC, have a chip on their shoulder heading into Sunday.

“We’ve had something to prove since the preseason ranked us 14th our conference,” Cummings said. “We’ve had a chip on our shoulder the first time we seen that. Dayton was just another example of us having to put a chip on our shoulder again. We’re definitely looking forward to proving more.”

Pitt last made the Sweet Sixteen in 2009. As of now, tip times have not been released for Sunday’s slate of the Round of 32.