Jim Boeheim was not thrilled with one question following Syracuse’s loss to Virginia on Monday night.

In the 67-62 home loss to the Cavs, Benny Williams was not in the lineup for the Orange. Williams has started 20 games this season but has averaged just over 14 minutes per game over his past 6 games played. He came off the bench in the loss to Virginia Tech and played just 8 minutes.

After Monday’s game, Boeheim was directly asked about Williams’ status. He bristled at the idea and questioned if that was the most important topic on the reporter’s mind.

“Is that your question? That’s the most important question you have?” asked Boeheim. He went on to add “your attitude isn’t really good, either” with a chuckle before answering the question.

“Benny took a personal day, he will be back at practice Wednesday,” said Boeheim, but he couldn’t leave the issue alone. “That’s it, I mean we have that question, that’s all we have? Typical in Syracuse. It is, it is.”

Here’s the video of the full exchange:

Syracuse has now lost 3 straight and 4 of its last 5 games to fall to 13-10 overall.