Tony Bennett and Virginia were sent packing in the first round of the 2023 NCAA Tournament as No. 13 seed Furman took down the No. 4 seed Cavaliers on Thursday.

With 12 seconds remaining in the game, Furman drew a foul on the Cavaliers, who were leading 63-67. Furman’s  Garrett Hien sank both shots, bringing the score to 67-65. Senior Cavaliers player Kihei Clark took possession of the ball. With 8 seconds remaining on the clock, Clark heaved the ball down the court. The attempt was intercepted by Hien, and passed to JP Pegues, who hit a 3-pointer from the outside with 2.4 seconds remaining.

After the game, all eyes were on Bennett and Clark to explain why UVA did not use its timeout to escape Furman’s trap defense. The head coach said he wasn’t exactly sure where the miscommunication happened.

“Yeah, they were down there. We should — yeah, I think either get tied up, call a time-out in the dribble,” Bennett told reporters. “And I don’t know if the refs were near me, we were just running, and I don’t know if Kihei thought no one was there or the clock was running out. I’m not sure. But we should have called a time-out or could have gotten a tie-up. We had it and it kind of unfolded. I think had he gotten tied up, he would have called a time-out in there, and again, I’ll have to see how it played out.”

Watch the sequence of events that gave Furman the win below.