ACC coaches are in full support of increased usage of video and technology on the sidelines in football season.

On Wednesday, the ACC concluded the league’s annual winter meetings. Over the past three days, leadership within the ACC met to discuss a variety of topics.

Coming out of the meetings, the ACC confirmed the league’s coaches are “unanimously” supporting two new technology initiatives set to go into effect during the 2024 season. Those initiatives include access to in-game video and in-helmet communication devices. These initiatives must be approved by the NCAA Football Rules Committee.

Here’s what the ACC had to say about the decision:

Unanimously supported by ACC head football coaches, for the upcoming 2024 season ACC football teams will be provided with access to in-game video which will enhance their ability to make in-game adjustments. Additionally, ACC teams will be provided with access to coach-to-player communication devices that will allow for one-way communication between the sideline and player(s) on the field.

Per the ACC, both initiatives will be administered by the conference “to ensure competitive equity” with the new initiatives. Collaboration with the NCAA Football Rules Committee is ongoing to develop the final rules and associated policies.

Talks surrounding the use of technology and in-helmet communication were elevated this season by the sign-stealing investigation involving national champion Michigan. Many coaches and analysts have since argued that the introduction of coach-to-player comms would eliminate many of the concerns currently related to sign-stealing.