The full 2023-24 ACC football schedule has been revealed!

All 14 teams have their schedules for next season, complete with non-conference and newly-reformed conference schedules. The ACC of course will be doing away with divisions and implementing the 3-5-5 schedule starting in 2023-24.

Essentially, each ACC team will now play 3 set teams every season, followed by a remaining group of 5 alternating every other season. With no divisions, the top 2 teams in the conference will compete in the ACC Championship Game. This year’s title game is set for Dec. 2 in Charlotte.

Below, you can find the schedule for all 14 ACC teams next season, with home games shaded white and away games shaded grey.

Mack Brown, UNC’s head coach, noted earlier Monday that UNC’s schedule was difficult and “wasn’t fair.” It seems what Brown is frustrated at is UNC’s home/away dynamic with tough games against Clemson, NC State and Pitt on the road. Of course, this schedule will slight a team one year and favor it the next.

For example, NC State has a favorable draw with Clemson, UNC and Notre Dame at home this coming year.

Which game are you most excited for?