On Tuesday morning, EA Sports announced that the latest college football game will be released in 2024.

EA Sports College Football was initially targeted to be released in 2023, but EA Sports vice president Daryl Holt announced that video game will be released in the summer of 2024. The new release date will allow the video game company to finalize all of the new details that will be included in the game.

In an interview with ESPN, Holt explained why the game will not be available until 2024.

“That’s the best date for us to bring the game that we think is going to meet or exceed our player expectations,” Holt told ESPN. “And cover the breadth and scale of what we want in the game. We’re trying to build a very immersive college football experience.”

The video game will try to use real college football players in the video game. EA Sports will attempt to secure the rights to players, stadiums and mascots for all FBS schools for the game.

This will be EA Sports’ 1st video game since the release of NCAA Football 14 in July 2013.