Greg McElroy doesn’t see a long-term future for the current alignment of the ACC.

At issue is that 7 schools from the ACC are reportedly internally exploring the ACC’s grant-of-rights to determine if it can be broken and renegotiated prior to the end of the broadcasting rights deal ending in 2036. The 7 schools are Clemson, Florida State, NC State, Miami, UNC, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

“You want me to make my opinion right now known,” McElroy said, “I think within the next 3 years every single one of the aforementioned 7 schools will be out of the ACC.”

McElroy also brought up the question about their next move. “Where are these teams going to go?,” he asked.

McElroy believes there’d be push back in the SEC about areas that are already accounted for in the footprint, such as South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. From a business standpoint, adding brands could dilute a product that’s already profitable, he said.

Otherwise, the question for some of these schools and the B1G comes down to a cultural fit.

But the issue remains for the ACC schools to consider their options as the financial gap for them and SEC opponents is $30 million annually.