Florida State baseball coach Mike Martin Jr. didn’t hesitate to call out the NCAA Tournament selection committee after the Field of 64 was announced on Monday morning.

Martin’s Seminoles made the field, albeit as one of the last 4 teams in. But what frustrated him was the exclusion of NC State, who made it all the way to the ACC Tournament title game this weekend.

“It’s what happens when you don’t have representation from your league on the committee,” Martin told reporters on Monday. “The ones that do have representation seem to get taken care of … I feel so bad for (NC State head coach) Elliott (Avent) and his tremendous ball club that he has. There’s no way they shouldn’t be in.”

As Martin alluded to, the ACC has no representation on the NCAA Tournament selection committee. D1Baseball’s Aaron Fitt also acknowledged that issue as a potential reason why the Wolfpack were left out.

Overall, 9 ACC teams are heading to the NCAA Tournament this week. Florida State will head to the Auburn regional.