Florida State leaders on Friday updated the Board of Trustees on issues related to media rights deals in the ACC and NCAA legal issues. The key discussion point was a new revenue distribution model for the ACC.

Athletics director Michael Alford explained that the Seminoles contribute roughly 15% of ACC media rights value, but get 7% of the distributions.

“At the end of the day, if something’s not done, we cannot be $30 million behind every year compared to our peers,” he said, per Matt Baker.

A legal counsel told the Board that a buyout to leave the ACC would be roughly $120 million, and hypothetically, Alford said making up that difference would take about 4 years.

Alford said before he was asked about a possible buyout to leave the ACC explained, “At the end of the day for Florida State to compete nationally, something has to change going forward.”

Alford explained that other FSU administrators are in “deep discussions” about how to close that gap until the ACC’s current media rights deal expires in 2036.

McCullough then discussed some of the legal challenges facing the NCAA and added, “I think this threatens to take away college football from the fans.”

McCullough then compared this all to “watching an airplane crash into a train wreck.”