DJ Burns is a hot commodity these days, stealing the show in March Madness as a key cog in NC State’s Final Four run. He’s also catching the attention of some people within the NFL community.

Listed at 6-foot-9 and 275 pounds, Burns has dazzled with some old-school play in the low post. Though stout in stature, Burns has flashed impressive skill and touch around the rim while also being surprisingly light on his feet for his size.

During the second week of the NCAA Tournament, Jim Nagy — Executive Director for the Reese’s Senior Bowl — posed the idea of Burns being a prospect for the NFL. Burns was asked about the topic during an interview with Dan Patrick, but the talented big man suggested it’s just part of the territory when it comes to being the topic of the day.

“I think that just comes along with our team being trending right now. They always find something to talk about, and that’s just one of the topics,” said Burns.

While Burns did not entirely rule out ever checking out the NFL, basketball is his true passion that he wants to pursue until those doors are closed:

“I’d probably explore some other options with basketball first before all of that but I’m not a closed-minded person,” Burns admitted.

Is NFL interest legitimate?

While it might seem like a curveball out of left field, Nagy (a former NFL scouting veteran himself) admitted he was intrigued by Burns’ physical makeup and athleticism for a player of his stature. His mind naturally went to a place imagining what Burns could potentially be in pads.

“You’re watching a big 275-pound man with nimble feet, really skilled. That’s where your mind goes: What could this guy be? Maybe he’s got an NBA career, I don’t know,” said Nagy in an interview with Andy Staples. “I’m not an NBA scout, I don’t know what the future is for this young man.”

Nagy also is not the only one thinking about Burns on a football field. He revealed he received 3 texts from others thinking about Burns’ football potential, and Nagy even said one of his friends was hoping to work Burns out privately if NC State was knocked out early in the NCAA Tournament.

Instead, Burns and the Wolfpack are still dance, and the potential NFL prospects of Burns are out of the bag after Nagy stirred things up:

“It was just intriguing so I put the initial one out. I got like 3 texts back: Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing,” Nagy revealed. “Then after it really blew up, a buddy of mine who lives in the research triangle are who scouts for a team was like ‘Man, you totally blew this thing for me.’ His hope was that NC State got knocked out really early, and then he was just going to slide down the street and work DJ out and try to do it privately.”

For now, Burns is focused on the Final Four and a looming showdown vs. Purdue and Zach Edey. Beyond that, we’ll just have to see what the future holds.