The ACC football slate will reconstruct with the additions of Cal, Stanford, and SMU in 2024.

According to a report from’s David Teel, the conference schedule will now feature a 7-year rotation with no set number of annual rivals as the membership total rises to 17 for football.

The conference is also doing away with divisions and limiting the amount of games in California for the current members to 3 during the 7-year span. The conference schedule will remain at 8 games, which began when Florida State joined in 1992. Teel notes that the new amount members disallows from exceeding an 8-game schedule because of the math.

Teel forecasts some of the annual rivalry matchups as Virginia-Virginia Tech, North Carolina-Virginia, North Carolina-Duke, North Carolina-N.C. State, Wake Forest-NC State, Florida State-Miami, Clemson-Florida State, Pitt-Syracuse, Cal-Stanford, SMU-Cal, and SMU-Stanford.

Regarding Notre Dame, the Irish will play 5 rotating ACC opponents each year through 2037. All of the current 14 ACC members has at least 4 contests against Notre Dame from 2024-37, with Miami (7), Florida State (6) and Pitt (6) with the most matchups. This could make for those schools to lessen their meetings against Notre Dame because of the new rotation.

The Notre Dame-Stanford rivalry “seems unlikely” to count toward their ACC obligations, according to Teel.