Clemson tight end Davis Allen has had an impressive season so far for the Tigers.

Allen’s stellar play has generated some NFL Draft buzz. If his current play continues, he has a good chance of making it to  Mobile for the Senior Bowl at the end of the year.

On Tuesday, On3 provided a 2023 NFL Draft update, with 8 seniors who are generating buzz with NFL scouts so far this season. Allen was featured on the list, with Senior Bowl Executive Jim Nagy raving about his potential.

Here’s an excerpt of Nagy’s analysis:

“While he doesn’t appear to be a burner, Allen has enough speed (our play speed estimate is 4.75) to get down the field, and he has the body control to make difficult adjustments on the ball. The other thing that sticks out about Allen is that he naturally catches everything away from his body, which makes him a quarterback-friendly guy in the short to intermediate range and in the red zone (see the Wake Forest game, when he had two TDs). Right now, Allen projects as, at minimum, a good No. 2 tight end at the next level. We spoke to an NFL college scouting director on the sideline during pre-game who said he hoped Allen ends up in Mobile.”

Earlier this year, Allen became the first Clemson tight end to catch multiple touchdown passes in a game since Braden Galloway against Miami in 2020.

Overall this season, Allen has 17 catches for 215 yards and 3 touchdowns. Allen and fellow tight end Jake Briningstool have become reliable targets in Clemson’s offense. 

We’ll see if Allen continues tot impress as the Tigers take on Syracuse this Saturday.