The New York Giants are expected to sign former Duke quarterback Daniel Jones to a 4-year contract extension worth a total of $160 million. Ian Rapoport reported the deal Tuesday, just before the Giants placed the franchise tag on Saquon Barkley.

Jones’ deal includes $82 million guaranteed with $35 million available in incentives. This comes after Jones and Barkley led the Giants to a 9-7-1 record and Wild Card victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

What this means for Daniel Jones

With this decision, the Giants are publicly doubling down on Jones being their starter for the next 4 seasons with a potential extension coming for Barkley as well. With Jones only receiving $82 million guaranteed, there is room to find a deal favorable for Barkley.

The Giants have the No. 25 pick in the upcoming draft, enough to draft a receiver for Jones. They also have the No. 57 pick, potentially enough to snag a WR in the 2nd round while suping up their defense for next season.

Things are looking up in New York, and Jones has his chance to lead the Giants through it. Can he be the guy?