Florida State didn’t hold back in a lawsuit filed against the ACC about the additions of Cal, Stanford, and SMU.

FSU attorneys blasted the decision to expand, feeling that the decision compromises the league rather than improves it.

“Simply stated, rather than improve its football media profile, the ACC consciously chose to diminish it, along with undermining the ACC’s ‘strength of schedule’ potential,” the lawsuit read in part.

All 3 programs are set to move to the ACC in 2024: Cal and Stanford from the Pac-12 and SMU from the AAC. Meanwhile, FSU could be seeking to exit as it called an emergency Board of Trustees meeting for Friday morning and ultimately deciding to sue its current conference over its Grant of Rights and fee to exit.

If Florida State were to leave the ACC, it would need to serve notice by Aug. 15. Friday’s meeting appeared to be a step in that direction as FSU seeks to improve its profile in the college sports landscape.