Along with all the other changes at Miami this offseason, the Canes are unveiling a brand new locker room this month.

On Thursday night, Miami AD Dan Radakovich gave a tour of the new facility β€” which is named for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson β€” to the ACC Network crew.


“When Mario (Cristobal) came and I came shortly thereafter, there were some things we wanted to do to make sure the student-athletes knew that this is a new time,” Radakovich said. “And this is one of those ways. To be able to show the student-athletes, ‘hey, we care about you.’ And this locker room is really a first step.”

Miami’s players had great reactions to seeing the new locker room for the first time last week:

“So many people worked so hard to get this done,” Radakovich added. “When the young men walked in and they saw this incredible change … they can see that this is something we’ve done to show that we care about them.”

Miami opens the 2022 season with Bethune-Cookman on Sept. 3.