Joel Klatt believes there is still a wide gap at the top of this year’s quarterback class.

On Monday, Klatt revealed his top 5 QBs available in the 2024 NFL Draft and ranked them. The popular FOX analyst agrees with the consensus that Caleb Williams is the top QB available, and he has North Carolina’s Drake Maye as the second-best available.

“Drake Maye is as good as I’ve seen in a long, long time. Let me put it to you very simply: If it wasn’t for Caleb Williams, Drake Maye would be the slam dunk No. 1 pick in this draft, and I don’t think it’s that close,” claimed Klatt. “I think (Maye and Williams) are separated from the rest of the QB pack.”

Part of Klatt’s debate centers around what he sees as a high ceiling and unlimited potential for Maye. He even compared the Tar Heels’ QB to NFL star Josh Allen.

“He’s a better college version of what Josh Allen was in college. He makes throws from the pocket, outside of the pocket. His ceiling is so high,” Klatt explained.

For most analysts, the debate over the No. 2 pick in the draft centers around Maye and LSU’s Jayden Daniels. Klatt ultimately sees a considerable amount of separation between the two players and urged fans not to “get bored” with Maye being great for a long time.

“Don’t get bored with the fact we’ve known (Maye) is great for a long time…He’s closer to Caleb Williams than Jayden Daniels is to him,” said Klatt. “That top 2 is separated and the reason is ceiling and potential.”

Maye does maintain the best overall odds to become the second pick in the draft, a selection currently held by the Washington Commanders. Fans can use Saturday Road’s DraftKings links to track all the odds as we approach the draft.

Klatt does have Daniels as his third-best QB available, and he made it clear he still views this year’s Heisman Trophy winner as a 5-tool player. He pointed to Daniels’ experience and believes his ability to make plays with his legs is the best of the group.

“He does all of those (skills) really well. Maybe not some of them to the level of Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, but others he does even better,” Klatt admitted. “He’s more than a threat with his legs than all the others, he’s been an unbelievable runner.”

Here is Klatt’s full episode breaking down the top QBs in the 2024 NFL Draft: