NFL legends Peyton Manning and Eli Manning were in South Bend this week and took some time to speak with Notre Dame’s football team.

Peyton — who won 2 Super Bowls and 5 MVP’s during his time in the NFL — clearly left the Fighting Irish with several nuggets of wisdom.

Here’s a couple clips of their remarks, via Notre Dame football:

“The best teams I played on … our best players practiced the hardest every day,” Peyton Manning said. “They set the example every day. They were sitting in meetings, taking notes, paying attention. Our young players like, ‘holy cow, this is how they do it here.’

“We got on the practice field, full speed … To me, that just sets the tone. Talented players that are unselfish and set the example in the building of what it’s going to take to be a Notre Dame football player, I think that’s critical.”

Eli — who also won 2 championships — spoke about the importance of fighting for your teammates in pursuit of a championship.

“You’ve got to have guys that want to do it for your teammates,” Eli said. “Our first championship, I wanted to win a championship for Michael Strahan. Like that was my goal. He was our leader. He was at every practice. He brought it, he encouraged us, he motivated us … you want to go into that final 2 minute drive and win a championship for him.

“My second championship … afterwards they told me they wanted to win one for me so I’d have one more than my brother.”

Notre Dame is certainly expected to be in the mix for another College Football Playoff appearance this year.

Notre Dame opens the 2022 season with Ohio State on Sept. 3.