Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren was asked about Notre Dame’s future at Big Ten Media Days on Tuesday afternoon.

He told reporters that he “loves” Notre Dame, but noted that the Fighting Irish are current members of the ACC in non-football sports.

“It wouldn’t be prudent of me to pursue anyone in another conference,” Warren said, while also acknowledging that Notre Dame is a Big Ten member in hockey. “You know how much I love Notre Dame, but … I have great respect for them.”

Warren was also asked if he believes Notre Dame needs to be in a conference for football in the future.

“As of now, they’ve proven they can make it without being in a conference,” Warren said.

The Big Ten has reportedly been interested in Notre Dame since adding USC and UCLA earlier this summer. However, the Fighting Irish are believed to be prohibited from joining a conference other than the ACC until its grant-of-rights expires in 2036.

Last week, ACC commissioner Jim Phillips said he was confident Notre Dame would join the ACC if it decides to move away from independence.

Notre Dame is reportedly seeking $75 million annually in a new deal from its media rights partner, NBC. If the Fighting Irish are able to secure that deal, they would likely be able to remain independent. Notre Dame’s current TV contract with NBC expires in 2025.